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CANDELA - GentleLase

    Alexandrite Laser

Candela GentleLase laser machine is made in U.S.A and uses Alexandrite wavelength (755 nm), which has proven most effective wavelength to eliminate hairs. 

Due to it's high power, this wavelength is just suitable for skin type 1 to 4.

So we can just provide laser hair removal service for clients with skin type 1 to 4.

GLP_With Arm_Left.jpg

Based on our laser machine's specification,

We JUST can provide laser hair removal services for

clients with skin type 1 to 4.


About us

I am Shauna. I am a Medical Esthetician and a licensed laser therapist.

I graduated from "Anderson College of Health and Technology" in Toronto, and I have been working in skin laser therapy industry for about 6 years.

Working for years in the industry with a large and ethnically diverse base of clientele, I gained excellent experience in laser to provide suitable services based on everyone’s conditions and needs. 

Here in "Rose Laser" I am happy to use my experience and expertise to help you.



If you're looking for A class service with top of the line equipment and amazing results, look no further than here. Shuana's clinic gives you a spa experience but for a better price than most comparative commercial spas not to mention, that she operates in a very gentle manner making client's feel right at home. Would definitely recommend.

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